Searching/Ideas….Something to Knock Me Out

My initial thoughts for plot 22 was to renovate both the Out Building and the Main House. However after careful thought coupled with ideas from other sources and finally looking at the finances available to me; the best option was to demolish the whole place and build a new structure. Ok so that was the first thing out the way. The second issue, finding an example of a house, built or picture was not hard to find. My brother has recently built himself a  house at McCarthy Hill. It is absolutely beautiful. I had previously seen optics of it on Facebook, but my immediate thoughts were that these were probably optics he had obtained elsewhere (smile). I did not even realise he was having a house built for him and his family. The house looks lovely, something certainly along my tastes. When I was in Ghana this March, I made arrangements with him one afternoon for him to take me to his crib. The optics did not tell a lie. It even has a swimming pool! The amazing thing is that so much detail has been incorporated onto a limited portion of land. Next door to him, his neighbour is almost 80% completed on his building. It looked absolutely horrible. I see a lot of these types of buildings being built in Accra. They are hideous. They have massive roofs and about two to fours tall pillars making up part of the front of the building. I totally hate them.

I have posted some optics of his crib; and this is just the outside. One thing that impressed me was the location of the water tank. It is not perched on some tall structure purposely built for it or on the top of the house as you mostly see. It is actually at the back of the house on the ground. Water is feed to the house by a pump. He has really done a good job of it. I could go on for ever describing his crib.

It does not take much to get ones creative juices flowing. For him, he got some inspiration from Houzz. The next thing was to get him to introduce me to the contractor who built his house. I have been in constant contact the contractor, but have also engaged another builder to throw some designs at me. I really want to make this building stand out from the rest. I need it to be the talk of Nyaniba, so it has to be very appealing to the eye.

So far, my brothers contractor, Boadi has not been able to “wow” me. This other builder, Justice has caught my eye with his sketch and 3D design drawings presented. I have thrown a sketch his way, but the results from him do not move me. His 3D drawing based on the sketch doe not move me.

This is what Justice has suggested:
Approach View Front View

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Changing The face of Nyaniba Estates.

Nyaniba is such an awesome place to live. I have never thought much about this place. My first glimpse of Nyaniba Estates was when I returned to Ghana from the UK with my Mum. I was 10 years old. My first school there was St Michaels International School, situated next to Akoadjie Park. Back in those days, we had 24/7 electricity and water. The roads were properly tarred. As kids, we did not have a care in the world. I moved away back to the UK after my National Service teaching at Tamale Secondary School. I returned briefly shortly after the death of my Mum to bury her. This was when I noticed that things had changed. The road [as I knew it as Blogordao Road] in front of my crib had totally lost its top surface. Most of the gutters were blocked with all manner of refuse. I found it hard to believe that this was the posh neighbourhood I had grown up in. I felt really sad.

NyanibaGutterNyaniba Gutter Close Up
I did not let this discourage me. After all we all have a part to play in the development of our community. It did not take long for me to get this mess sorted. I am proud to say that this gutter no longer looks like this.

Over the past 6 years that I have been making regular trips to Accra/Nyaniba, the roads appear to be maintained, at least the ones that I frequently use. The one the runs in front of my crib has certainly been resurfaced. A lot of people are renovating their homes or knocking them completely to build new structures. This is good. The ones that I have seen so far are extremely nice. I feel that these are exciting times in Nyaniba.

The Plot.

The PlotTo put things into a better perspective, I have added as a layer the location of my crib as seen on the Site Plan in relation to where it fits in on Google maps.
Over the months to come, I would like to share with you my plans for the development I have for Plot 22. Because of Plot 22′s location, I would like to have something exciting built. Something that will certainly stand out to most people who drive up and down the Ring Road past Labone Junction.

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Briefly, What Is Going Down On This Page…

I love Ghana so much. It is not my place of birth, but it is certainly a place where I have my roots by virtue of the fact that both my late parents come from Ghana. Over the past 6 years, I have found myself increasingly paying regular visits to Ghana. There are various reasons for this, which I will share in the not too distant future.

The reason for this page is to write about recent and past news related to Ghana. I will attempt to analyse the piece of news and put my thoughts to it. You are welcome to chip in and most importantly, also share your views here.

I have named the Page “Ghana – Facts, Patterns and Politics”
Facts – This is for various reasons. If you plan of making a trip to Ghana for whatever reason, the idea is that have come across this site, you can pose a question and hopefully get an answer that should be of some assistance to you. On another angle, most people have heard about Ghana but know very little of this thriving West African Country. This page should act as a valuable source of information.
Patterns – Events have a habit of repeating themselves in Ghana. I classify these events in to two groups, Positive and Negative. Both act in their own way in the way the country progresses from one day to the next.
Politics – I am not a “Politician” but have a very close relationship with friends in the NPP and NDC. Personally, I think Politics in Ghana is “amusing”. How on earth some politicians get away with certain things is amazing. My goal is to make posts of as many political news I can get access to and talk/write about it.

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Comments ……and Getting Your Pages Right!

Ok, so this is how this page has gone done.
To start off with, these are comments that were originally made on my page “All About Kuku Dela”. I have recently started looking at WordPress and Pages. Unknowingly to me, it appears I have not been following the right path in creating pages. What kicked all this off was me thinking “how on earth do I make a post in WordPress and then specify which Page this post should so go to. After several minutes of hunting on the web, I came across this link -> Displaying posts to as specific page in WordPress. Everything then became clear to me. Of course there was then the added work of transferring data from Pages already created and then deleting the pages. The comments, I did a copy and past here. I suppose if I had taken time I would have found out how to migrate comments to another post/page. Maybe not!
Anyway, I now have 4 Pages and can now direct any post that I make to its required page. Awesome!
So, below are the comments that I managed to “yank’ from the original “All About Kuku Dela” Page, before it got rehashed.

Theo Benning
6 years ago

Bula Matali

Hello King Zulu,Your site is very clear and clean and easy to navigate and read. I like the colour and the layout a lot. Well done. It’s one of the first blogs I have looked at that I have enjoyed going thru.Boy ! U have kept this very quiet. When you started years ago I think I scanned thru it, but becos it didn’t really make an impact on me I never came back. In its present incarnations it is simply schmoking !!!! (Yeah ! That is the spelling. It’s a new word your site has made me create !!!)

Your friend,
6 years ago

Hi Zulu good job on this site.
6 years ago

Wow Zulu!
Interesting site.
I must come here often.
6 years ago

keep up the good works and at the right
time, I will come to you for a website.
6 years ago

Hey Zulu, this is a nice innovation. Keep it live. Much Love
6 years ago

Nice blog Zulu. Well written. I will come to u for tips on blogging in u don’t mind
take care
6 years ago

hi Zulu,
I was just cutting my time on net , but really its nice to know about my parent company, yes I really missed a chance to see it. I am on a personal visit to UK but did not get the time to see Globe House. It’s my last day as I have to go back tomorrow. So hope to see it next time on priority basis.
nice pix and introduction.
5 years ago

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Kuku Dela

I am a Ghanaian “Geeked At Birth”. Where I got the phrase, only God knows. I certainly didn’t coin it myself, so if you come across anyone claiming to have coined the phrase, then that be it. I am the only child of my late Mother Elizabeth Laingoye Lartey. My Dad, Matthew Hubert Djamasi, Lives in Accra, Ghana and runs his own Accountancy firm. Although quite advanced in age [87, I believe], he still goes to work every day. He has moved his Offices from Kwame Nkrumah Circle to his house, which is very convenient for him. So far I see 4 stages in my life. UK [where is was born and attended the early part of my schooling years] -> Ghana [where I had my Secondary School education and worked for a while] -> UK [back again with my family to settle down] -> Ghana [the 4th stage, where I hope to return, settle down and create a niche for myself in IT].
I am Adventurous, Argumentative, Artistic, Easygoing, Eccentric, Free-Spirited, Friendly, High Energy, Humorous, Intellectual, Logical, Low Maintenance, Open-Minded, Playful, Practical, Responsible, Self Confident, Serious, Sophisticated, Spiritual, Spontaneous, Unconventional and Wild.

Employment: IT Contractor Currently employed @ Rockwell Automations.
Project Support – Lotus Notes 8.5 Upgrade Dec 2011 – July 2012
Project Support – AD Migration Rollout July 2012 – Dec 2012
Project Support – Windows 7 Upgrade Dec 2012 – Feb 2013
CEO - Iconitconsulting Limited [UK].
Eyecon Network Security Solutions [GH]

In a nutshell:

I am, Adventurous, Argumentative, Artistic, Easygoing, Eccentric, NON-Flirtatious, Free-Spirited, Friendly, High Energy, Humorous, Intellectual, Logical, Low Maintenance, Open-Minded, Playful, Practical, Responsible, Self Confident, Serious, Sophisticated, Spiritual, Spontaneous, Unconventional and Wild.

I am also a humble blogger and have just recently started blogging.

  • Things I like doing?…reading, riding my mountain bike, traveling, watch documentary programs.
  • The most important thing you should know about me? I’m not as tough as I pretend to be, well to some extent!
  • Skills? Bringing tranquility to a stormy situation.
  • What is so special about me? I am the centre, without me, all other thing will not hold [I say this with a smile]
  • Member of: British Computer Society.

I love technology.
Three years ago I got converted as a Apple Mac user. I have never looked back. Lets not debate on why I should not have bought an Apple product. There will be plenty of time in the not too distant future for that.

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Anniversary Of The Late Matthew H. Akahoho-Dzamesi

My siblings  and I recently made a collective trip to Tefle, a village roughly 60 miles from Accra and where my late Father hails from. The purpose of the trip was to perform the Second Year Anniversary of the death of our Father. This anniversary is normally done a year after the death of a person. Some Families wait till five years, others ten. I suppose it all depends on resources and the availability of everyone at one particular time of the year. Anyway, this is not a topic I am familiar with, so I will not dwell on this too much. Anyway, fortunately, the end of March was suitable for all of us.

The trip to Tefle was quite eventful, well for me anyway. I have never been there and this was my first time of going there. I honestly did not imagine the drive there to be so smooth. I thought we were going to be delayed by all manner of pot-holes on the roads and everything else. Shame on me! I was impressed by the roads. We, when I say we I mean Awuley [my cousin], the taxi driver [yes, I got a taxi to hire a car at a very reasonable price] and myself; left Accra around 6.00 AM. In roughly two hours time we were in Tefle. Admittedly with non of us not knowing the route, we stopped on a couple of occasions to ask for directions. When we got there, I made a quick call to ask for directions to my Late Fathers house.

Thanks to God, the celebrations went well. I had the opportunity to take a lot of optics and have put together a short video for you to view. The video might be a bit rough, I am not well versed in the art of putting optics together to make a video, but the program I used, FotoMagic did a brilliant job. Obviously if I had more time on my hands, I could have done a better job. Enjoy!

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Approved to Join Blogging Ghana

I have been following an Organization in Ghana called Blogging Ghana. In a nutshell, Blogging Ghana is an Organization [Ghana's biggest] of bloggers and social media enthusiasts. For full details of activities and membership, click on the link and learn more about the awesome things happening here.
Blogging GhanaI recently applied to join the BloGh Family as an Ordinary Member roughly a month ago. As per one of requirements of becoming a member, your Blog would have to be vetted first and if approved you then join the “elite” group of Bloggers. I am thrilled and hope the contributions I make on this blog can make Ghana become a better place for its citizens and visitors.

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