Crib @ Nyaniba…an update…again

Initial plans for this property was to renovate the boys quarters and then the main building. However, a careful inspection coupled with some serious thinking has led me to decide otherwise. The plan now is to demolish both buildings and erect a three storey building. This way I will be making maximum use of the land. The plan is to have the ground floor and second floor as open space offices and then have on the third floor, a three bedroom apartment with a study. I have enlisted the assistance of three people to come up with sketches for me. The open plan office should fetch some decent rent. What I actually need to concentrate on is the design of the building. I need something really attractive that will stand out from all the other houses and offices in Nyaneba [is it spelt Nyaniba OR Nyaneba?]

Actually, I almost think I know who I will be turning to regarding this project. This contractor built my brothers house at McCarthey Hill. I got my brother to give me a tour of his crib last week. Although I had previously seen pictures of his crib on Facebook, being there and actually seeing what he had done to the place made me admire the place from a different angle. Everything there regarding the construction of the house has been carefully thought out. The amazing thing is that the land on which the house has been built on is not a huge one, but the way the house has been built gives you the impression that it is sitting on some huge patch of land. It is all in the detail, as one would say. Funny though, there is another building next door to my brothers which sits on a bigger patch of land. The building looks horrendous. There is absolutely no taste to it. A typical example of when one has a lot and yet does not utilise the abundance.

August, God willing, will be the kick off month for the project. Yes, that means I will be back in Ghana in August.

Random Optics From Makola and Tardi Market Square

In past years, a trip to Takoradi to visit family would have been a 4-5 hour journey in a State Transport Bus or one from Kanashie Market in Accra. This time my trip was different. yes I went by Air. That is right, I have not been to Ghana for a while, hence all this is new to me.

I must say, Takoradi did not impress me. I seriously thought that with all this oil boom, the city would have had some form of face lift. Considering that I have not been there for a while and that oil has been discovered right at its doorstep, one would have thought some cash would have been pumped into giving this City some form of face lift.

Then there is Makola Market. I have never actually been in the market. I have walked past it many times, but there has been no reason in the past for me to actually go into it and walk around. My Cousin Josephine is a trader there. After a trip to the High Courts, my cousin Awuley suggested that we pay her a surprise visit. It was absolutely amazing. No space is spared in there. You are constantly squeezing past someone just to get from point A to B.


Phase Two – Crib @ Nyaniba…an update

I made a post some time back regarding the outhouse at Nyaniba.

My recent visit to Ghana has taught me a lot. In previous years, I would stay with my good old friend Mr Felix Duku at his crib at South Labadi Estates, however this time I had some renovation done on the Outhouse at my late mothers place in Nyaniba; and had some beds placed in the bedrooms ready for my arrival. After the main reason for my trip to Ghana had been completed, I took it upon myself to examine the renovation that had been done the main house and the outhouse. I also took the liberty of taking some optics with my Nexus 5. With optics taken, I sat down to do some thinking. Check out the optics below. What I have decided to do will follow shortly.


Now that I have done a good visual examination of both properties, I have decided to renovate first the Outhouse and then move onto the main building. I have engaged the assistance of a building contractor – the same person who build my brothers house. From the pictures I got of my brothers crib, the guy did a good job, however I strongly feel that one has to be around whiles all these building renovations are going on – which I intend to make myself available. I have so far received costings regarding the renovation. I am waiting for the drawings, apply a few changes and God willingly get this project kicked off in March next year. it is going to be a major project and a lot of money involved, but the rewards will definitely be worth it. The current tenants agreement will end next year in August. There will be no plans of renewing this tenancy.

Some Ghanaian Lawyers – They are really a disgrace the profession…an update

So the end of November found me back in Ghana, ready to confront this Lawyer who took my money and sat on the job he was supposed to do. before going to his offices in North Kanashie, I sort advice from an elderly person regarding how best to recoup the money paid in full. The advice I got was to go to the lawyers office, thank him for whatever he has done [or not done] and politely ask him for all the documentation I had given to him…….and that is exactly what I did.

The next day, in the morning, found me at the Merchant Bank and then later in the afternoon at NTHC Offices. It took me exactly 10 days to complete the lawyers task myself. All I needed was time.

Lesson[s] learnt: Do not entrust anything to anyone that you can do yourself. If time is slowest step in the chain reaction….make time.

Some Ghanaian Lawyers – They are really a disgrace the profession.

So, two lawyers in Ghana have so far confirmed that “Some Lawyers” really exhibit strong signs on very poor professionalism. It is just a total disgrace. Several years ago I engaged the services of one lawyer to assist me in getting my late mothers share certificates transferred to my name. That was a total nightmare. He never was able to perform such a simple task, and I am surprised he is still in business. Just so you are aware, the only reason why I used him was because he was handling a case for my late Mum before she died….hence the connection.

I then went to see another lawyer to perform the same same task I ask the first lawyer to perform. Now this one come recommended from my late Father. Our initial consultation went well and he assured me that he would be able to have everything done for me ASAP. Just as a reminder to him that I was not one to be taken for a ride, I related to him the distasteful business I had with the first lawyer in getting a simple task done. It is almost two years now and I am still waiting for the second lawyer to complete the job I gave him. Is it because I am situated so many miles away from Ghana so he thinks he can. Actually there is another reason. These lawyers have absolutely no sense of obligation towards their clients in performing what they have been paid to do. It is pathetic.

Recent calls to the second lawyer have gone unanswered. On Thursday, I called him three times – not a single pickup. Next week I am going to get my cousin to tack this lawyer down to his office and find out what the dickens his game is. To make matters worse, he is the same lawyer who is supposed to sort out the probate to my late Father and is currently running us round in circles just to sort this out.

No Rest For The wicked

It has been a hectic number of months at work since my last post on this site. I have been using Evernote to note all the necessary stuff that I would like to blog when things ease off at work. Hopefully I should be able to translate all those short notes into something meaningful on this blog…

So as the saying normally goes…”watch this space”


I was rampaging through some optics I had have taken from my last trip to Ghana, when I came across this one. I have never given this optic much thought after taking it all these months, or should I say …years!. I do not even think I had a reason for taking it. I just took it. I suppose that is one reason for Photography…snap and then indulge in the optic later. However looking at it now, I can see what I have missed.

Prior to taking this optic, I went to visit a friend in one of the suburbs of Accra. I had earlier on in the morning , over the phone, promised to bring the kids in the house some sweets. As always, when travelling to Ghana, I make it a habit to buy several tins of Quality Street. You can NEVER go wrong with these, but you must make sure that when sharing, you share not by the tin but rather by how many sweats you want to dish out. On this occasion, I took a full tin with me, reason being that the compound house that my friend lived in has loads of kids. The full tin soon got emptied in no time. The best part of it was that the kids really enjoyed them.